KU Center for Research on Learning

KU Center for Research on Learning

Road to Success

Helping "job seekers" with learning difficulties plan and prepare for employment

Course Goals & Outcomes

A variety of curricula exist for aiding the general populace of job seekers in planning and preparing for employment, but for job seekers with learning difficulties, of any age, including those first-time job seekers transitioning from school to adult life, we developed the Road to Success curriculum.

Road to Success embedded the Strategic Instruction Method [SIM] - a research validated instructional methodology - throughout the curriculum and generates an apprenticeship model of learning that engages both instructors and students alike in a community of practice that moves participants from novice toward ‘expert’ levels of skill and performance.

The ultimate goal for any participant in a Road to Success course was to obtain and sustain meaningful employment. The critical outcome for Road to Success was a significantly increased level of self-determination. Specific Road to Success course goals were employment planning and preparation. This included developing supportive networks, and learning specific skills and behaviors that will help in gaining and maintaining employment, and making connections with local employment options and support services.

As co-participants in small group settings, learners progressively developed skill in:

  - Enhanced Presentation of self
  - Social Networking
  - Goal Setting
  - Action Orientation
  - Personal Responsibility
  - Communication
  - Independence
  - Interdependence