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Consortium for Excellence in Job Corps Staff Development

This project assists the National Office of Job Corps (NOJC) in staff training/ development to support the standards-based education and training program through the Consortium for Excellence in Job Corps Staff Development (see Consortium partners at the right).

The Consortium approaches this work, which builds on NOJC’s foundation in developing standards-based education and training, with a unique blend of continuity of effort, depth of understanding of the Job Corps system, experience in research-based staff development, and depth of understanding of teaching and learning.

Just as Job Corps’ 60,000 participants face significant barriers in preparing for the 21st century world of work, so also do the centers’ 16,500 staff confront major challenges in preparing these youth for success.  The Consortium addresses this need with a proactive staff training and professional development system that is research-based, flexible, sustainable, practical in Job Corps’ settings, and based on three principles:

1. Research-validated, technology-integrated, standards-based instructional practices are both the core content and the training methodology.
2. Coherent, systemic, integrated content and protocols will be applied across the settings to build capacity and national systemic coherence in structures, processes, and attitudes.
3. System sustainability is a basis for planning and integrating the work.

The Consortium’s well-regarded, multi-disciplinary experts are essential to addressing the complexities of the Job Corps system and producing efficacious professional development/training results.  Members have access to formal and informal networks of academic leaders, experienced classroom practitioners, communities of learning, the U.S. Department of Education, its regional educational laboratories, and other entities involved in professional development, as well as experience conferring certifications for completion of professional development proficiencies.

Projects Details

University of Kansas Staff

Principal Investigator:
Daryl Mellard

Senior Training Specialists:
Marilyn Ault
Kristin Becker
Robin Gingerich
Patty Graner

Master Teachers:
Doug Adams
Janis Bulgren
Melanie Farmer

Consortium Partners

Alternate Perspectives Incorporated (API)

Coffey Consulting, LLP

Cornerstone Solutions, Inc.

Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL)

Telesolv Consulting