KU Center for Research on Learning

KU Center for Research on Learning

DAS Projects

Accommodating Adults with Disabilities in Adult Education Programs

Research and resources that helped adults with disabilities meet educational needs and function in employment or community settings by providing adult educators with validated accommodations for instruction and assessment


Validation study of Adult Learning Disabilities Screening (ALDS)

Building the Scientific and Programmatic Foundations for Assessing Reading Comprehension

Developing and testing the feasibility of computerized adaptive tests of reading comprehension for students in grades 4 through 9.

Consortium for Excellence in Job Corps Staff Development

This project is offered to assist the National Office of Job Corps (NOJC) in staff training/development to support the standards-based education and training program.

Evaluating High-Risk Pools as a Health Insurance Option for People with Preexisting Conditions

Sponsored by a Commonwealth Fund grant, the staff looks to rapidly produce a brief describing the high-risk pool provisions of the health reform law, identify key implementation and cost issues, and develop recommendations for improvements.

GED proficiency attainment

Research for improved instruction in adult basic education classrooms using ecobehavioral assessments, behavioral feedback, and training in learning strategies

Improving Adults Reading Outcomes with Strategic Tutoring and Content Enhancement Routines

Develop literacy interventions that can improve adults' literacy skills by adapting instructional interventions (i.e., Strategic Tutoring and Content Enhancement Routines) proven to be effective for struggling readers in school settings for use with adult struggling readers in a vocational training setting, (i.e., Job Corps).

Improving Instruction in Adult Literacy Programs

Validating and applying instructional interventions for adults with limited literacy proficiency in adult literacy settings

Increasing Self-Sufficiency for TANF, WtW and VR clients with significant barriers to learning

Research and resources on self-sufficiency and sustained employment through instruction in learning strategies and critical job-readiness skills.

Individual Accommodations Model

Research and resources for recruitment, retention and degree completion for postsecondary students with disabilities in community and technical colleges.

Kansas Demonstration to Maintain Independence and Employment (DMIE)

Independent, external evaluation of a project to test whether improved health care can prevent or forestall the loss of independence and employment due to a potentially disabling condition.


This project is designed to increase the successful transition of adult education learners to post-secondary education settings. DAS provides independent, external program evaluation.

Learning Disabilities Screening Study for Spanish Speaking Adults

Validation study of four Spanish-language versions of adult learning disabilities screening batteries.

Literacy Services for Vocational Rehabilitation

Improving employment outcomes for vocational rehabilitation consumers by providing literacy and life-skills instruction.

National Center on Response to Intervention

The Center addresses RTI technical assistance needs of state educational agencies and links states and regional resource centers with relevant professional development by providing information, resources, and opportunities through communication and networking.

National Research Center on Learning Disabilities

Conducting research, disseminating, and providing technical assistance on learning disabilities identification models

Ready & Able

Services that supported integration of services and assistive technology for Kansas workforce centers serving the employment needs of persons with disabilities.

Research and Training Center on Full Participation in Independent Living

Facilitating accessibility for people with disabilities at One-Stop workforce centers through partnerships with centers for independent living.

Road To Success

An employability curriculum for transitioning youth or adults with barriers to learning that uses the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM).

Soaring to New Heights

A demonstration project that provides a semester long elective high school course for students with disabilities designed to assist in their successful transition from high school to post-secondary education or employment.

Think College Kansas

Think College Kansas Initiative is developing a sustainable state action plan for applying post-secondary experiences for students with intellectual and other developmental disabilities that maximizes resources and increases post-secondary opportunities leading to paid employment for this group of Kansans.

Welfare to Work

Research and resources on reduced barriers to employment for people with Specific Learning Disabilities in Welfare to Work activities that culminated in a comprehensive assessment, instructional, and accommodations model.

About Us

The Division of Adult Studies is part of the KU Center for Research on Learning (KU-CRL). We founded the Division in 1993 to address issues in the transition, education, employment, and quality of life of adults with disabilities. Our staff members provide research-based information to policy makers, service providers, individuals with disabilities, and family members that will ultimately empower people with disabilities to live more productively and independently.

Our Materials

Our Materials are free, downloadable online resources based on our research of issues in education, employment, and quality of life for adolescents and adults with disabilities.
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