KU Center for Research on Learning

KU Center for Research on Learning

DAS Vision and Mission

Vision: A world that values and respects people by fostering equal and continuing opportunities for all to fully participate in society.

Mission Statement: To foster opportunities for people with disabilities or disadvantages, DAS conducts rigorous research, evaluation, technical assistance, and dissemination that cultivate improved policies, systems, and practices for multiple stakeholders.


Active DAS Projects

Think College Kansas

Think College Kansas Initiative is developing a sustainable state action plan for applying post-secondary experiences for students with intellectual and other developmental disabilities that maximizes resources and increases post-secondary opportunities leading to paid employment for this group of Kansans.

National Center on Response to Intervention

The Center addresses RTI technical assistance needs of state educational agencies and links states and regional resource centers with relevant professional development by providing information, resources, and opportunities through communication and networking.

Consortium for Excellence in Job Corps Staff Development

This project is offered to assist the National Office of Job Corps (NOJC) in staff training/development to support the standards-based education and training program.

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About Us

The Division of Adult Studies is part of the KU Center for Research on Learning (KU-CRL). We founded the Division in 1993 to address issues in the transition, education, employment, and quality of life of adults with disabilities. Our staff members provide research-based information to policy makers, service providers, individuals with disabilities, and family members that will ultimately empower people with disabilities to live more productively and independently.

Our Materials

Our Materials are free, downloadable online resources based on our research of issues in education, employment, and quality of life for adolescents and adults with disabilities.
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